Social Literacy B1-B2 (English)




Social Literacy B1-B2 (English)

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Type cursus:

Tutoring (Bijles), Course (Cursus), Lessons (Lessen)

Soort cursus:

1-on-1, Duolesson, Groupslesson


Medior, Advanced


21 - 65 years






€ 15,00


Over de les / cursus

A 24-session conversational course about modern social issues and how we deal with them.

Designed for B1-B2 English learners who are
✔️ familiar with intermediate grammar & vocab
✔️ willing to exercise their speaking skills further

Course content
1. What is a social issue?
2. Human rights
3. Gender roles
4. Ageism
5. Bullying
6. Domestic abuse
7. Orphanhood
8. Disability
9. Homelessness
10. LGBTQ+
11. Immigration
12. Healthcare accessibility
13. Palliative care
14. Mental health
15. Sexual education
16. Responsible consumption & zero-waste
17. Garbage separation & recycling
18. Urban space
19. Housing accessibility
20. Inclusive environment
21. Charity & NGOs
22. Social entrepreneurship
23. Volunteering
24. Cyberactivism



Hello! I am Viktoria. I am a linguist, language educator (Russian, English) and instructional designer. I speak Russian as a mother tongue, fluent English spoken and written, Serbian at B1 level and am currently learning German.
I have the know-how to (a) make things clear, (b) to memorise and remember them long, (c) to be prepared to real-life communication.
I believe that besides grammar and vocabulary, language is also something bigger that brings us all together.

I offer a personalised and flexible range of teaching materials to suit students' needs, use relevant educational methods to make the learning experience comfortable and accessible. I am happy to help students along the way and provide all necessary educational support. My teaching materials include text documents, audio and video files, flashcards, quizzes, homework, etc.


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