Culture of Ancient Greece


Culture of Ancient Greece



Den Haag




Type cursus:

Lessons (Lessen)

Soort cursus:

1-on-1, Duolesson


No experience needed


13 - 20 years






€ 20,00


Over de les / cursus

In this course, I will be able to describe and inform my students about the achievements of Ancient Greek philosophers, historians, sculptors, painters, and many others and their influence on the modern world.

Through presentations, video lectures, and different workshops I will try to widen the knowledge and skills of students.

We will start with philosophy, continue with Greek tragedy and comedy.

The third part of the course will be connected with natural sciences and then art.

Depending on students' interests, we can even go into deep with the influence of Greek mythology, customs, and beliefs.



My formal education background is both in history, pedagogy, and European studies, and I have been working as a History teacher for more than six years with my most recent role of a Bilingual History Teacher in Gymnasium in Podgorica, Montenegro. Although my focus is on teaching, I also have vast experience in both formal and non-formal education. As a manager and coordinator of many projects in these areas, I also possess strong skills and experience in the field of communication and innovation. In addition to working as a teacher in both primary and secondary education and mentor teacher for bilingual classes, I participated continuously in different projects and programs within development and education organizations across Europe in the role of professional educator, program and project coordinator and developer of educational material. I am truly dedicated to work with students and I strive in learning the best approaches to develop my teaching skills.


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