Personal Coach Rotterdam (Online)

Vitaliteit & persoonlijke effectiviteit


Type cursus:

1-op-1, Duoles, Groepsles

Soort cursus:

Cursus, Lessen, Workshops


Beginner, Medior, Gevorderde, Geen ervaring vereist


21 - 65 jaar


Bij de docent thuis, Bij de cursist / leerling thuis, Online




€ 125,00


Over de les / cursus

A life coach is a qualified professional who helps people make progress in their lives to attain greater fullfillment. For instance, like your supportive friend and a trusted adviser rolled into one. In other words, support their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. Our life coach helps you with major life transitions. As a result, life coaches target your unique skills and gifts. Focusing on your strength to work on developing a new version of you! We are specialized working with ex-pats, entrepreneurs, and young professionals. For your new business goals, improve your mindset and increase your overall success. As a Coach I combine physical and mental approach in order to improve quality of life to help individuals to go throughout the obstacles they are facing.



Sports was something I was always involved in at an early age where I find my drive, identity, and humility. Taekwondo and Volleyball were where it all began for me. After joining the army as a Commando, I evolved more into Fitness. I have always felt pushed to evolve and have tried my best to continuously learn, improve my skills, and better myself. What I aim to achieve as a Coach is to support my clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. From a personal training in Rotterdam and having always been passionate about listening and helping others, it was therefore a natural transition for me to move towards Life Coaching. At the age of 23, I moved to the Netherlands. I established Motifaith Personal Training and Coaching in Rotterdam in 2013, I am proud to say that I not only helped my clients improve their lifestyles, but I also helped many entrepreneurs start their careers.


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