Modern and Jazz vocal classes in Rotterdam

Muziek, Theater, zang & dans

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Tutoring (Bijles), Course (Cursus), Lessons (Lessen)

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No experience needed


All ages


At the teachers house, At the students house, Online


English, French


€ 17,00


Over de les / cursus

I believe that everyone can sing and make music, as long as they learn to express their emotions through it: music is just a vehicle for our feelings. My mission is to make you find your true voice, discover your own style and the things that make you enthusiastic.
We are going to explore the possibilities of the voice, learn breathing and vocal tecniques that will make you improve your sound, play with improvisation and explore the fields of interpretation and communication with an audience.

The important thing is to focus on what makes you excited. The first thing I will ask you is: what do you like best? This will be our starting point.

The lessons can be online, in Rotterdam Nieuwe West or at your location.



My name is Beatrice Milanese, I am 25 and I am from Italy. I have been studying music since when I was 9, and teaching since when I was 19. I studied my Bachelor in jazz vocals in Vicenza's Conservatory and I my Master in jazz vocals and jazz composition at Codarts, Rotterdam.
I love to sing and teach jazz and pop music, blues, funk. I am also a trained piano player, a composer and a music researcher in the field of experimental music.
So, you can come to me with a question in any music style... and I will give you my point of view!


Indien u de aanbieder van deze cursus of lessen bent en u wilt de gegevens aanpassen of verwijderen, neem dan svp contact met ons op.