Lakshmi Sai

Den Haag

Mathematics Personal Classes (Wiskunde)



Type cursus:

Tutoring (Bijles), Lessons (Lessen)

Soort cursus:

1-on-1, Duolesson, Groupslesson


Beginner, Medior, No experience needed


6 - 12 years, 13 - 20 years


At the teachers house, Online




€ 15,00


Over de les / cursus

I take personal classes for national and international students between 9 to 17 years of age in GCSE, IB, ICSE or CBSE curriculum.

If you are a student with one of the below goal(s), then I can support you, travel with you and together we can achieve them.
- You are having challenges in understanding Mathematics its concepts, formulas and would like to get rid of the fear (after all mathematics is a fantastic subject if you know how to deal with it);
- You are already good in Mathematics but would like to finetune your skills and be prepared for competitive exams;
- You want an expert to be with you, support you with your mathematics home works, make your basic strong and help you acheive higher grades.

Lakshmi Sai


A qualified Mathematics teacher with 10+ years of experience in Netherlands & India in GCSE, IB & CBSE curriculums. I teach to students between 9 to 17 years of age from different countries like USA, Morocco and India. I follow a mix of traditional and latest teaching techniques. Mathematics can be mastered only if the students understand the concept, know how to apply them and most importantly grasp the real world application of them. Hence I spend good time in listening to the student, understand their challenges and plan my lessons accordingly. I also provide with worksheets after the class, follow-up on the progress and evaluate the student at the end of every assessment. I not only just take classes but act as a mentor and help students to master Mathematics but also help them to make improving and winning as part of their life goals.


Indien u de aanbieder van deze cursus of lessen bent en u wilt de gegevens aanpassen of verwijderen, neem dan svp contact met ons op.