Doelen en Jij - Academic Tutoring or Musical Lessons


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Tutoring (Bijles), Lessons (Lessen)

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No experience needed


All ages


At the teachers house, At the students house, Online




€ 15,00


Over de les / cursus

Doelen en Jij is a company offering a diverse set of options for tutoring and music lessons. Maybe you are a beginner in music and want to record your song? Make it easy on yourself. Polish it without expensive hourly studio fees and opt for a project-based approach. With years of experience in multi-instrumental recording, we can record your song, or record a story or event from a family member to preserve your history. This can be done in the privacy of your home, or on location, with no expensive studio costs and with virtually any desired instrumentation. Maybe there is an elder person whose story needs to be recorded, but you don’t have the time and equipment to do it. Maybe someone has a cooking recipe that needs passing on but you don’t have the means or time to arrange to film it yourself. Preserve the rich, family traditions that are worth keeping. Need help learning conversational English? Get help from a native, English-speaking, experienced teacher with a Doctorate .



My goal as an educator is to have my students express themselves more dynamically, thus standing out amidst the vastly changing competitive job market. Improving writing may not only improve employment but improve personal disposition, as a writer may equip him or herself to make their own analysis of the world around them with the goal of achieving some degree of self-determination. There’s something magical about guiding someone through tutoring into a set of experiences so that they can figure out the world around them analytically. In my personal life, my teachers were those guides and they were life-changing. I like to think that I am simply returning the favor by equipping students with skills they need in order to be successful and feel good about themselves.


Doelen en Jij

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